WOO HOO!!  It’s an exciting day in the world of Coach Becky Skipper!!  A few days ago I sent out a 21 day workout schedule to help make today your tomorrow.  If your tomorrow has not become your TODAY, no worries.  Today is your tomorrow – part 2.  Today I am including a video that explains Day 1 of the “21 day Today is your Tomorrow” Challenge.

I hope that you find this short video helpful in demonstrating the proper way to do squats, alternating lunges and planks.  Remember, you only have to do one set of 12 repetitions for the squats and lunges.  You will do 3 sets of 15 second planks, resting 30 seconds between each 15-second plank.

I have not included a video for the 30 minute interval training so you are on your own for that.  I encourage you to try the 2:00 minute to 1 minute  (jog to walk) intervals.  You will be surprised at how far you will have jogged/walked in 30 minutes and you won’t feel defeated or tired upon completion.  WOO HOO!!

Day 3 video will be uploaded to youtube sometime on Thursday.  It will demonstrate three levels of pushups, bicep curls and overhead tricep extensions and kickbacks.  You will do 12 pushups of your choice, 12 bicep curls using dumbbells, soup cans, canned veggetables, bottled water, or whatever is available in your home to substitute for dumbbells if you do not have a set.  There are two tricep exercises and you may choose one of the two and perform 12 repetitions.  Don’t forget your 3 sets of 15-second planks.

Day 4 you will repeat what you did on Day 2.  Make sure that you stretch before and after your walk/run or run/walk.

Day 5 video will be uploaded to youtube on Thursday.  It will demonstrate the shoulder workout.  Don’t forget your 3 sets of 15-second planks!!

Please let me know if you started Monday with the 21 day “Today is your Tomorrow” Challenge.  I would love to hear from you and will answer any questions you may have.  If you have any suggestions, feel free to include them in your email.

I’m excited about this opportunity to get to know each and everyone of you, plus help you transform your body and change your lifestyle of eating.

Once again, I am looking forward to hearing from you, so please share your progress with me.  Leave a comment on this page or email me at coachbecky61@gmail.com

For the health of it,

Coach BeckyCommit to the Lord whatever you do Proverbs 16-3