Plus Size Fitness Program

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Left to right: Terri, Carolyn, Coach Becky, Marcie and Brandy.


  • You’ve been struggling with your weight and are frustrated with yo-yo dieting.
  • You love your curvy self, but feel that exercise will help you be fit and healthy.
  • You want to exercise in a safe, supportive environment where you feel comfortable walking in the door.
  • You don’t think most fitness instructors understand your needs and concerns.
  • You want someone to listen to you and your concerns about exercise.
  • You want to someone to help you get started with exercises that you can do.

If you said yes to any of these statements, our Plus Size Fitness Program is designed just for you. We’re different than most places because we really listen and work with each of our members to help them reach THEIR goals. At Coach Becky Skipper/Family Fitness Outreach it’s about YOU.

Just because someone is skinny doesn’t mean that they are healthy. We understand that, which is why our focus is on health and wellness. There are two instructors in this program that will work at different levels with modifications for YOUR level.


Begins the day you start.  You renew on the same day the next month.

Join us at our new location:

Dogpound Health & Fitness

2nd floor 

405 11th Street SW

Live Oak, FL  


4-week fitness camp; 2 fitness classes and face to face meetings per week (Monday @ 6:30 pm/Thursday @ 6:45 pm OR Tuesday/Thursday 6:15 AM).   You have FULL access to ALL Coach Becky Skipper classes offered at Coach Becky/Family Fitness Outreach Center!!  COST:  $35  

Faithfully fit,

Coach Becky