Train up a child

by Becky on April 7, 2014

train up a child..This scripture is very powerful in many ways.   The most important meaning behind it is teaching your children the Word of God, instilling morals and values at a young age.   The same is true when it comes to health and fitness.  Face it, our children are “mini me’s.”  If they see us as a “couch potato” they may become a “couch potato.”  If they see us eating “junk food” they will want to eat it.  So let’s train them up to be active and make healthy choices which leads to my blog for this week.

As I was browsing my Facebook timeline, I stumbled across this picture and the following caption:  “I came home today to find my boys “training” for the Fair’s 5k this weekend. They ran 2 miles with Fain, and told me that I had to race with them on Saturday. Here we go!” ~Hannah Skinner, Manager of Skinner’s Body & Fitness Gym~

Kale and Kole training with Fain

Saturday, April 5 was the 16th Annual Suwannee County Fair “Run-a-Fair 5K” and guess who showed up?  Kole, Kale, Hannah, Fain and several other walkers, runners, pets and strollers were there to get their exercise in for the day.  The twins registered and received their bib numbers.  They were ready for their first 5K at three years old.  Yes, three.

The race began at 9:00 am and 45 minutes later they crossed the finish line!!  WOO HOO!!  It was so much fun cheering them on to the finish.  Kale finished first in the 12U walkers category with a time of 45:51.3 and Kole finished second with a time of 45:52.0.    After the race photobomb!!

With their 1st and 2nd place ribbonsKole and Kale participated in the 2011 Suwannee County Fair 5K as well.  Here’s the picture to prove it!

Team Skinner 2011 and 2014I have to give a shout out to my family as well for participating in the race.   It’s an AWESOME feeling as a parent and grandparent to see your children/grandchildren active.  :) Grammee and Family SCF 5KAnother family that participated in the race:  Blake, Stephanie and Jessica Hasty.   The kids got up early, on a Saturday morning,  had about a 45 minute car ride to get to the race.  Way to go Hasty children and thanks Peggy (mom) for bringing them.   All three of them went home with a ribbon!!

Hasty children collageAs parents, we need to train up a child in the way that they should go:  spiritually, mentally, nutritionally and physically!!

Faithfully fit,

Coach Becky



Run, Suwannee County, Run

by Becky on March 10, 2014

Run, Suwannee County, Run and that they are. 

Since November 19, 2011, the Suwannee County School Board Wellness Initiative has been timing local 5Ks as well as sponsoring and co-sponsoring  the annual Turkey Trot and Hog Jog 5K, respectively.

suwannee wellness initiative

The Wellness Initiative’s goal was to have at least one 5K per month to help promote health and fitness to Live Oak and Suwannee County.   In 2013,  the following races were held:

January 26, 2013  Vivid Visions 5K — Run Domestic Violence out of town.

February 16, 2013  Stupid Cupid 5K –  Sponsored by Cheek & Scott Drug, Inc.

March 16, 2013  Shamrock Shuffle — Sponsored by Suwannee Health & Fitness

April 26, 2013  NJROTC Fun Run/Walk 5K – Fundraising event for Suwannee High School NJROTC

May 18, 2013  Midnight Glow 5K Walk/Run  –  Fundraising event for Suwannee Relay for Life

June 29, 2013  Firecracker 5K –  Proceeds went to the local Veteran’s of Foreign Wars

July 27, 2013  3rd Annual Hog Jog 5K  — Proceeds went to the Back 2 School Bash

September 7, 2013  Come 2 the River Healing Arts 5K  –  Proceeds went to Stephen Foster State Park

October 26, 2013  Mystic Jungle Zombie 5K – Proceeds went to the Mystic Jungle Educational Facility

November 16, 2013  3rd Annual Turkey Trot –  Proceeds went to local Thanksgiving Project

December 7, 2013  Jingle Bell Fun Run  – Sponsored by Suwannee County Chamber of Commerce, Spirit of Suwannee Music Park, Poole Realty, Inc. and Dairy Queen.

On Saturday, March 1, Suwannee County’s Best Dang Race 5K/10K was held to raise money towards awareness of prostate and colon cancers.  My dad, Richard R. Oien, and Denise’s father-in-law, Frank Sanger, both went to be with the Lord after losing a tough battle against prostate cancer so this race was extra special to us.   Denise and I wanted this to be “the best dang race” so we asked the Suwannee High School Drum line to play at the event.  What an AWESOME addition to the race.  The Drum line played at the beginning of the race, during the race and every time a runner crossed the finish line.  They were a HIT!!

Best Dang Race Jennifer, Don and Kati 198

Several clubs from Suwannee High were also involved.  Members from the Beta Club, Student Government, Leo Club, Art Club and the Environmental Club helped cheer the runners on to the finish line.  What an AWESOME group of young adults that sacrificed their Saturday morning to support the cause and for that I say, “Thank you!”

My sister, Bren and niece, Bailee flew in for the weekend to participate in the race.  They were here to represent “Team RRO”.   “Team RRO” was represented by Bren Oien, Bailee Oien, Tonee Rogalski, Stephanee, Skyler, Oaklee and Zebree Phillips, Stonee Skipper, Taylor O’Conney and myself.  We all wore yellow shirts with a SMILE on the front and “Team RRO – Keep Smiling” on the back.  Yellow was my dad’s favorite color and he always told us to keep smiling.

Team RRO

Runners came from as far as The Villages, near Ocala.  Frank McCann, Philip Radford and Jack Slifer headed to Live Oak around 4:30 am to make it for the 8:00 am race start.  I met Frank and Philip at a previous race, Firecracker 5K so I was excited that they were coming for this race.  They brought along one of their friends, Jack.  Jack won the 60-69 male 10K.  Frank was second.  Both Jack and Frank are 67 and Jack informed me that he was a two time prostate cancer SURVIVOR, so this race was special to him as well.  Philip won the 70+ 5K, he’s 81.  These men are my inspiration.  The race raised $450 and will be given to the Suwannee Relay for Life.

Jack, Philip, Don and Frank

If you have wanted to participate in a 5K, 10K, half or full marathon but don’t think you can do it, I want to encourage you to jump in with both feet.  On Saturday, March 8, Kathy Wood participated in the Shamrock Shuffle.  Kathy has completed 6 weeks of chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer.  She said that she wants to inspire people to become active and  there are “No excuses.”  She is the coordinator of the Wellness Initiative, as well as a physical education teacher at Suwannee Intermediate.  She plays a huge role in coordinating the Dodge ball tournament that will be held on Thursday, March 27;  a fundraising event for Suwannee Intermediate.  Way to go Kathy and YOU are an inspiration!!

Becky's Personal and Best Dang Race Pictures 205

The next race will be the Wild Azalea Festival 5K in White Springs, FL.   It is an 8:00 am start.  Race day registration is available between 7:15 – 7:45 am.  Hope to see you all there.

On Saturday, March 22, the Cure Duchenne–Run for a Cure 5K will be held.  The race will start at Ivey Memorial Park, Branford, Florida.   Race will start at 9:00 am, with race day registration from 8:00 – 8:45 am.  This is an AWESOME cause so come on out and show your support.

1 Corinthians 924

 Faithfully Fit,

Coach Becky



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February 24, 2014

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